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for posts regarding understanding and developing the hardest thing in the world… your-self (typically I use my-self as an example – it’s a poor example, but it’s the best I’ve got)



for a look at an aspiring (read as: wannabe) story teller’s attempts at making shit up, some actual-real-life stories, and a clueless poet’s attempts to write poetry (I think? I don’t really know what a poem is/isn’t). The above image is an actual story of mine. I wrote it yesterday… what a cliffhanger… where’s the fish going!??? Nobody knows. Hopefully to the ‘right-way-round-G’s’ school.




the dumping ground for everything else, which includes: travel posts, book reviews, youtube stuff, thought-tangents, words of wisdom (usually from other people) and posts about life (zzzzz)


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